Horseback Riding, Theater, Tennis, Archery, Crafts, Swimming. And that’s just Day 1.

The daily activity offerings at Skyland engage campers’ athletic and creative interests. Campers are able to participate in any of the daily activities regardless of age or ability level with challenges suited for beginners to advanced skill levels.

Archery: Campers at Skyland learn how to use compound and/or recurve bows on the archery range. A combination of shooting drills, practice rounds, and creative games helps campers learn the art of archery. Can you hit the apple on the top of the target? What about a game of tic-tac-toe on the target against a fellow archer?

Horseback Riding: From campers who have never been on a horse to those who show competitively at home, Skyland’s riding program has a spot for every riding level. At Skyland, we teach English (Hunt Seat) riding. Our horseback riding counselors subscribe to Skyland Camp’s philosophy that teaches riders to work with the natural instincts and behaviors of horses. Less-experienced riders learn to care for and be comfortable riding horses. Advanced rider are challenged with drill team and jumping clinics.

Recycled Arts: The recycled arts and crafts program uses found, used, and natural materials for creative expression. What kind of magic can you create with a few tin cans, and sticks and leaves from around camp? Campers work with a variety of materials and can work on developing their technique or simply let their creativity flow. Artist’s works are often showcased around camp, demonstrating how we all contribute to the camp community.

Musical Theatre: Like to sing? Dance? Act? Design sets and costumes? In just a few weeks, the musical theatre program produces a full musical complete with costumes, choreography, and a role for every camper. Skit nights, camp songs, and dance parties are some of our other favorite musical theatre events. Skyland’s costume attic is stocked with hundreds of costumes that we use for musical theatre and even for our daily camp attire!

Tennis: Skyland’s tennis program teaches the fundamental skills of tennis for beginners to advanced players. Skills are taught through both drills and games, from Queen of the Court to Tennis Quidditch (seriously). At the end of the camp session, campers can put their skills to the test in Skyland’s tennis tournament, complete with brackets and a cheering section!

Swimming: Skyland’s outdoor heated pool is a favorite place to be for many campers and staff. Campers who are new to swimming can learn how to float, gain comfort putting their head under water, and practice basic strokes. More advanced swimmers can further develop their strokes and put them to the test with endurance swims, relay races, water games, and even the occasional synchronized swim routine.

Games: Games is the home base for our two camp teams, the Tallyhos and Trossachs. In this activity, campers learn to play volleyball, newcomb (an adjusted version of volleyball for younger campers) and ring tennis (a long-standing camp tradition). Cheering erupts around camp on Saturdays when the two teams compete in these games. Other activities, including soccer, basketball, team-building initiatives and more are also introduced during games.

Varied Special Electives: We round out our schedule with fun and creative activities that showcase the unique talents of staff and engage the diverse interests of campers. Culinary Arts, Yoga and Choir are regulars. Dance Troupe, Low Ropes, Softball or even a surprise activity are some of our other favorites.

Off-Camp Activities