Auction Raises More Than $75,000 For Skyland’s Campership Fund

Several years ago, we began thinking about the upcoming Centennial Celebration. Of course, our thoughts were taken back to Granny Harris. We wondered how much courage it took for her to march out on to the porch during the auction and place the final bid. And we wondered if she could possibly know what that single courageous decision would do for the future of girls here at Skyland Camp.

To honor her, as well as Skyland’s origins, at the Centennial Celebration, there would be no better way than to create an auction environment where everyone could be involved. Skylanders could donate items for auction. They could purchase items from the auction. Friends and alumnae would be able to donate to the future of Skyland by providing money for scholarship for girls who may not otherwise be able to afford Skyland.

With kick-off speeches by Skyland alumnae Taye Cairnes, owner Sherry Brown, and Madi Weisberg, the live auction was underway. “Our goal for the weekend,” said Kay Anderson, Senior Director, “was $50,000. That would have been half of the $100,000 goal for our Centennial Season. We knew it would be audacious…and we would be thrilled if it actually happened!”

Well, you should have been here on that Saturday night! With the help of Auction Diva’s founder and chief auctioneer, Shelly St. John, the one-hour live auction brought in $74,000 alone. If you believe in the “Spirit of Skyland” and synchronicities, this will give you the feels: that’s equal to $1000 for every summer that Bunny Brown has been on Skyland Hill. Now isn’t THAT something to behold? Adding the proceeds from the silent auction, the grand total for the weekend event was $77,000.

The fund had $82,000 on December 20, and we are certain that we will meet our Centennial Season goal by December 31.

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